View PeopleCode Styles

I have always had trouble finding the right style for an edit box, label, header etc. in Peoplesoft. Everything was trial and error where I would pick a style , save the page and then see how it looked online.

This was very inefficient and time consuming so I was looking for a better way where I can see all the styles at once and pick the one I like. ¬†I came across Doug Stupple’s post on this topic which is exactly what I was looking for.

Here is the idea:

  • Create a while loop and fetch styles from¬†PSSTYLECLASS
  • Enclose returned style name in html DIV tags and add them to a string variable
 &StyleHTML = &StyleHTML | "
<div class=" | &StyleName | "> " | &StyleName | "</div>
  • Create a HTML area on a page and reference a long descr field on a work record
  • set the value of descr long to the string variable above

Here is the result: